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Prague, 1st June 2010

The Czech Council on Foreign Relations (Rada pro mezinárodní vztahy) is pleased to announce a creative competition on the subject of

"Migration to Europe: Can it Work for Development?"


The project is intended for art universities' students in the European Union and beyond, who are able - using a piece of artwork, a poster - to join in a far-reaching debate on immigration from the developing world, its cultural and social values, its barriers and its future.

In preparing these posters, students have to consider challenging questions of migration, emigration, and immigration.

Students use their creative expression in response to the following questions: Does the migration of people from other parts of the world benefit Europe? Can migration be of significant benefits for both Europe and developing countries? Is Europe an open society or does xenophobia prevail? Do barriers exist between Europe and the rest of the world? Will breaking down barriers help resolve global challenges? How do people from other continents perceive Europe?

Through this project the Czech Council on Foreign Relations is building on three previous international art students' competitions: "European Identity" (2006 - 2010, catalogue + 19 exhibitions), "Balkan Perceptions of European Identity", for students from the Balkans (2007 - 2010, catalogue + 25 exhibitions) and "Europe without Barriers", part of the Czech Presidency of the EU (2009 - 2010, catalogue + 11 exhibitions, partly on large-scale outdoor display panels).

You will find more information on these projects by visiting

The artwork entered in the competition must deal with the topic of Migration to Europe: Can it Work for Development?". Works may not promote the suppression of human rights and freedoms or spread national, racial, religious or class hatred against another group of people. 

The Czech Council on Foreign Relations has the right to use the artworks created by students for purposes of running the competition and in a broad presentation of its results.

All entrants in the competition agree that their work will be printed in a catalogue, put on display at exhibitions and used in the media as part of realising the aims of this competition. 

Please confirm your participation in the competition at the following address:

Rada pro mezinárodní vztahy (Czech Council on Foreign Relations), Apolinářská 6, 128 000 Praha 2,    email:

Or contact the organisers: Jiřina Dienstbierová (+ 420 603 529 409), Karel Míšek (+ 420 603 426 842)

Please contact us with any questions you might have about the competition.

Jiřina Dienstbierová, Manager of the Czech Council on Foreign Relations  


Conditions of the competition

"Migration to Europe: Can it Work for Development?"  

Competition entrants:                Students of art universities in the European Union and other countries 

The assignment:                       

 a) a poster design of 100 x 70 cm in dimension to be saved on CD in PDF (Acrobat) format with definition of 200 dpi (for printing the posters);

b) a poster design of 10 x 7 cm in dimension to be saved on CD in PDF (Acrobat) format with definition of 300 dpi (for printing the catalogue);

c) a printed copy in A4 format (21 x 29.7 cm)

d) Entries may be sent on behalf of a school or by individuals and should be sent to the address of the Czech Council on Foreign Relations.       

e) Each entrant may send only one design.

f) Each entrant will enclose a completed entry form. 

The panel of judges:  An independent panel of five judges will choose the best entries.


Prizes:                                                             1st prize            EUR 1200 

                                                                       2nd prize           EUR 400 

                                                                       3rd prize            EUR 300 

                                                                       4th prize            EUR 200 

                                                                       5th prize            EUR 100                                                                    

Catalogue: The catalogue will include all entries that satisfy the competition conditions. Each entrant will receive a complimentary copy.                                

Exhibitions: Selected posters will be put on display in the Czech Republic and in Brussels (with possible exhibitions in other places as part of the project).

Deadline:                                 Entries must be received by midnight on 14th January 2011

Address:                                   Rada pro mezinárodní vztahy, Apolinářská 6, 128 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic

 You may send entries individually or on behalf of the school. 


Application form for student: 




First name






Name of school





Web side of school



Name of atelier





Name of professor








Phone number



E-mail address




















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